“Olivia is one of my favourite people: perceptive, funny, focussed and above all results driven...

  Her training programmes are unique and aimed at getting the best from people because she understands what drives them (and holds them back).
  These are rare skills from someone who also makes time pass and you didn't notice.
  I would unreservedly recommend Olivia to any organisation wanting to improve the performance of its people.”

Noel Guilford, National Chairman FPB and Partner, Guilford Consulting.

With a personal mission to “bring unity where there is duality”, Olivia brings a unique approach to her work with both individuals and organisations.

And because she sits so comfortably between the two extremes of "business" and "spirituality" – it’s probably no accident that she came to write a book called "Be Your Own Guru - personal and business enlightenment in just 3 days!"

In fact, much of Olivia’s life and work has been devoted to integrating apparent opposites. She’s spent years studying a blend of western techniques and eastern philosophies – helping thousands of people around the world to choose a better future, irrespective of their past.

Interviewed on nearly 100 radio programmes and featured in a number of newspapers and magazines in the UK, USA and India, Olivia’s work with clients has been described as, “inspiring, enlightening and life-changing”.

But in spite of her spiritual gifts – or maybe because of them – Olivia is also immensely grounded, practical and fun to work with. Her credo is that “successful companies employ successful individuals” – and in a pilot project with a British high street bank, she proved the power of her “Be Your Own Guru” personal development programme when the organization’s business managers saw their sales results improve by 330% in just nine months! (A control group went through internal training organized by the bank, and their sales results improved by 110%.)

Originally trained as a journalist, Olivia went on to own and edit two business magazines – during which time she interviewed such visionaries as Sir Richard Branson and got to witness first hand why some businesses thrive while others wither - before realising the call of her heart which saw her move into the world of personal and business development.

Olivia’s latest venture is the PRAISE system – a business growth programme which encourages organisations to focus on Profits, Relationships, Audience, Interactivity, Sales and (Customer) Experience.

As well as her book - which has been well received internationally, with a special edition in India and translations in China, Saudi Arabia and Poland, Olivia has created “The Personal Enlightenment And Release (PEAR) Process” audio programme – which is a powerful, swift life-changing system which enables you to heal your life, in less than 1 hour! See Olivia’s products…

Finally, as well as working with thousands of individuals around the world, Olivia has worked with numerous SMEs, several charities - including the Prince's Trust and ChildLine - and a variety of big name organisations including: Royal Bank of Scotland, MBNA, Barclays, Norwich Union Health Care, Life Insurance Association, Genus/ABS, Hutchinson 3G, Welsh
  Development Agency, AMEC, British Aerospace
  Consultancy and Calypso Soft Drinks.


"Just a quick note to say thank you for giving us such a wonderful session! I felt totally energised afterwards and I would highly recommend you to all of our clients as you're so knowledgeable in your subjects. And just as importantly, in no way do you come across as patronising - as some trainers have in the past.”

Lisa Carew,
Brighter Choices.

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