Everyone always has questions - and you'll find the answers to the most commonly asked ones below. And of course, do feel free to contact Olivia at or on 0845 456 7095 with any further questions you may have of your own!

How soon will we start to see results on the bottom line?
In most cases, clients start to see an immediate impact on their bottom line. In a pilot study conducted with a high street bank over a nine-month period, it was shown that the business managers who went through Olivia's leadership development course improved their sales results by 330%. (A control group which went through the bank's internal training saw their results improve by 120%.) Additionally, those delegates who had come through the programme reported less stress and took less time off sick.

Does leadership development really accomplish anything or is it just the “in-thing” for blue chip organisations with large budgets?
It’s true that there are many trends in learning development – and there are some training companies who do little more than jump on the passing bandwagon. But its fair to say that without leadership, no organisation ever reaches its full potential. Olivia works on the basis – like all the leadership gurus including Anthony Robbins, Steven Covey and Brian Tracy – that all leadership begins with personal leadership. People are any organisation’s greatest asset and it's her belief that “successful companies employ successful individuals” – and of course, without successful individuals, there will be no successful companies!

Isn’t there a danger that if my staff become “empowered” they'll leave my organisation?
Yes – in a few cases, employees do decide that they want their lives to follow a different course after completing one of our programmes. However, this is usually a good thing! Unless the right people are in the right jobs, real and lasting success will never be achieved. It's healthy for an organisation to encourage its employees to seek promotion and achieve their personal ambition. Companies employing the same people in the same jobs for years on end become stagnant - and no organisation in this day and age can afford to be anything less than dynamic, innovative and passionate about its business.

Can my company use your services to provide a coaching and stress management service for our staff?
Yes! Olivia already provides this kind of service to a number of clients in the corporate sector. Some companies pay for their staff to use her services – while others simply negotiate special rates with Olivia on behalf of their staff, who then pay her privately. In these instances, Olivia's services are promoted within the company’s in-house newsletters and on notice-boards. Increasingly, companies are recognising that offering staff proper stress management services reduces absenteeism and increases productivity. And in those rare instances in which an employee takes a company to tribunal, it is helpful for the employer to be able to show that it had made adequate provision for the care and welfare of its staff. And with recent changes in the law, companies now have a duty of care for their employees.

Does your 100% money-back guarantee only apply to your products or does it cover your programmes as well?
Absolutely! If you aren't happy with any of Olivia's programmes, services or products, let her know why (feedback is always useful!) and you'll be refunded in full. All Olivia asks is that you follow her advice. With a guarantee in place, you have peace of mind which means that you're free to commit yourself fully - and when you do, you'll get fantastic results! Olivia is also passionate about developing long-term relationships – which is why when she is asked to run a corporate programme, she takes great care to make sure that her style of programme is what you really need. If she doesn’t believe that she is the right person for your organisation, she will say say so – as she has on more than one occasion. Honesty and integrity are important - and Olivia doesn't want to lower her “batting averages” by taking on projects which she is not qualified or suited to handle.

Isn’t personal coaching both expensive and time consuming?
Spending money on improving yourself should be recognised as an investment rather than as a cost. Think for example, how much money you spend servicing your car each year – aren’t you worth more to you than your car?
Research at Harvard University a while back revealed that in the year being studied, only 5% of undergraduates had goals. When the same group was studied some 30 years later, it was discovered that in material terms, those same undergraduates were worth the same as the rest of the other 95% added together. Therefore having goals and an action plan makes sense. Working with a coach – who acts as your “voice of conscience” - can help you realise all of your goals so much quicker, which means that your investment easily much more than pays for itself! Also, as the name suggests, Olivia's “Be Your Own Guru” coaching is aimed at helping clients become fully self-empowered – so over time she happily does herself out of a job!

Do I need years in therapy to sort out my issues – or is there a quicker way?
Traditionally, people find themselves in therapy for weeks or even months. However, with the faster pace of life nowadays, a new style of "therapy" is required. Client sessions using "The Personal Enlightenment And Release (PEAR) Process" are pretty intense – but in 90% of cases, clients need no more than one or two two-hour sessions.
If you want to use Olivia's coaching services, you'll need regular sessions to ensure that you on track until you reach your specific goal.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes - we accept all major credit cards

Do you have experience in helping people with my kind of problem?
Over the years Olivia we have seen lots of people with different issues – ranging from childhood abuse through to relationship difficulties, dissatisfaction in current work environment and much, much more. While everyone’s story is unique, there are often common themes.

Are the personal sessions really confidential?
All of Olivia's sessions are 100% confidential - and while she does write several guest columns for a variety of publications, these are based on an amalgam of case stories in which - of course - fictional names are used. When Olivia provides personal sessions in a corporate setting, the sessions are again 100% confidential. She does however undertake to provide employers with an overview of any general negative trends within an organisation – without either breaking confidentiality or giving away names or other identifying details.

How soon will I start to feel better?
Immediately! Actually, that’s not quite accurate for everyone, because if you have some "big stuff" to deal with, you could find yourself getting quite emotional during the two-hour session, which can leave you feeling a little headachy and tired. But that's on the physical side - on the emotional side you'll always leave our session together feeling "lighter", as though a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders. And Olivia's commitment to every client is that the session isn't finished until that "lighter" feeling is experienced! Finally, clients often report back weeks, months and even years later – saying how much their lives have changed for the better following the session(s).

What techniques do you use?
As every client is different, Olivia doesn't use a specific set of “techniques” – but rather she tailors each session to the client’s immediate needs. As well as qualifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Intelligence, Time Line Therapy & Reiki, she is also continuously add to her knowledge – through extensive study in a number of different disciplines. And with her extensive background in business, sales and people management, she is also very practical and pragmatic.

Is there any way that I can “try before I buy”?
As well as reading some of the testimonials Olivia has received from happy clients on the website, you may also want to sign up for her regular e-zine, which will give you a feeling for the kind of work she does. However, at the end of the day, the only way to experience what she does is to...well, experience what she does! She introduced her 100% no quibble money back guarantee in order to give you the comfort and reassurance you need to make your purchasing decision.

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