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Live from England - the "Olivia Unzipped!" show on the Dr Kevin Radio Network!

In what I am hoping is an exciting, thought-provoking and highly entertaining series of shows, I am joined by guest experts from around the world – and together we discuss the BIG issues of life, using the lens of business as the medium for understanding!

Not only do my guests and I look at the issues facing us all – including the often thorny topics of money and relationships – but we also draw on our far-reaching experience of business to reveal the real secrets to being successful in both your professional AND your personal life!

As a former journalist, my aim is to tease out my guests’ stories – and also to encourage them to share what they’ve learned from the mistakes they’ve made. Also, in each show, I ask my guests to share a “GEM” – a “Genius Entrepreneurial Mindset” tip!

"Olivia Unzipped!" is at times controversial, often revealing and always compelling!

Due to the wonders of modern technology, for the time being, I'm sad to report that you will not be able to listen to these replays on an iPad. I recognise that it's frustrating and we're working on it...

Now You Can Listen In To The Replays...

Dr Manjir Samanta Laughton

In this edition of “Olivia Unzipped!”, I was joined by Dr Manjir Samanta Laughton – a savvy businesswoman, a documentary maker and the presenter of the TV show “Hidden Science” - and, as if that’s not enough, she’s also written two books: “Punk Science” and “The Genius Groove!”

In the show, we talked about anything and everything from spiritual awakenings through to the quantum field and black holes - together with how to make an impact in business!

Jazz Rasool

In this edition of "Olivia Unzipped!", I was joined by Jazz Rasool - coach, trainer and speaker and the creator of the powerful “Energy Diamond” system...

Jazz's understanding of the merging of science, spirituality and business is unmatched - and as well as exploring the Energy Diamond system and what it means means for us as individuals, we also talked about how we can build on our personal attributes in order to serve our communities, our businesses and…the world!

James Gordon Graham

In this edition of "Olivia Unzipped!", I was joined by James Gordon Graham - entrepreneur, futurist and philosopher!

James is currently working on a book and documentary - but he was formerly involved in the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence – which led to him becoming a massive success in the dot com era. Now he’s turned his attention to the evolution of consciousness and as you'll discover, James has a passionate belief that we’re all moving to a new civilisation…which will be based on creativity!

Simon Yates

In this edition of "Olivia Unzipped!", I was joined by Simon Yates who - as the visionary behind “Enlightened Money” - is one of the UK's leading lifestyle financial planners.

In the show, we talked about how we can gain financial security for ourselves, the power money has in our lives, how our emotions play out around money and what we need to do differently in order to thrive in the “new economy”.
Irrespective of whether you see yourself as good or bad with money, you'll learn a lot when you listen in!

Tamar Peters

In this edition of "Olivia Unzipped!", I was joined by Conscious Business Leader Tamar Peters - and our focus for the show was how life's tough lessons often go on to open the door to our greatest gifts!

In her work with business leaders across the world, Tamar has built up a wealth of hints and tips for success. If you’ve been going through a tough time lately – whether it’s in your business or personal life - then listen in to the show and you'll start to see things very differently!

Tianne Croshaw

In this edition of “Olivia Unzipped!”, I was joined by Tianne Croshaw – one of the UK’s leading coaches in the field of resilience. The world’s most successful people have one trait in common: they’re resilient to everything that life throws at them!

As well as talking about what we can all do to improve our resilience, Tianne shared lots of inspirational stories about her work with both businesses and individuals. Improve your Resilience Quotient by listening in!

Tom Wilkinson

In this edition of "Olivia Unzipped!", I was joined by Tom Wilkinson – who’s not only a fabulous “right and left brain thinker” – but he’s currently completing his second degree at Manchester's prestigious Business School!

The theme for the show was “theory versus reality” – and we discussed why there's often a big gap between educational theory and business reality. Tom also shared his views on why academic qualifications aren’t any guarantee of future success!

Andy Foster

In this edition of “Olivia Unzipped!”, I was joined by top architect Andy Foster, who may not be related to the famous Sir Norman Foster BUT he has worked on a project with him in the past!

As well as working with his fabulous team in the UK on a variety of traditional AND contemporary projects, Andy has also spent extensive time working abroad…and the combination of his architectural perspective and the tolerance and understanding he’s gained from working in different cultures made for a really interesting show!

Heather Hobden

In this edition of "Olivia Unzipped!", I was joined by the queen of business growth – business advisor, Heather Hobden! While many of my own business development programmes focus on the “PEOPLE” stuff, Heather is a big believer that it’s the numbers, the systems and the processes that make all the difference!

Did we end up in a heated debate - or did we manage to find common ground? Tune in to find out - and when you do, you'll be able to listen to Heather give some great business advice, using some fabulous stories and metaphors!

Mercedes Leal

In this edition of “Olivia Unzipped!”, I was joined by the “Goddess of Motivation” – Mercedes Leal, and as well as her new book which is being published shortly, we also discussed everything from ancient wisdom to what it means to be intuitive and empathic – and how all of this can help us immeasurably when it comes to business!

Mercedes also shared stories about her experiences with world renowned medium and author Betty Shine and the miracles she experienced with her own mother!

Ceri Hughes and Jen Stanton

In this edition of “Olivia Unzipped!”, I was joined by two guests: Ceri Hughes and Jen Stanton who have together set up Clarity Virtual – one of the UK's leading VA companies! As well as more traditional PA services, Clarity Virtual also offers the full “business implementation” team – from marketing all the way through to accountancy.

In the show, we focused on TIME…how to get more of it, how to maximise the time you have and how to get everything done and still have time for FUN! Listen in to find out how you can get your free copy of the "Vital Time Diagnostic Toolkit" ...

Maya Kenney

In this week’s edition of “Olivia Unzipped!”, I was joined by Maja Kenney – a multi-faceted business woman who’s managed to take
multi-tasking to a whole new level! Maja has a wonderful, broad experience of business – ranging from setting up new ventures, building relationships through networking and working out how to be successful in the field of multi-level marketing!

During the interview, Maja also shared stories about her life as a young woman, when she grew up in Slovenia, which was part of
war-torn Yugoslavia!

Patricia Cori

In this week’s edition of “Olivia Unzipped!”, I was joined by Patricia Cori – best-selling author, screen writer and CEO of “Save Earth's Oceans, Inc”! The author of 13 published works, Patricia’s latest book, “The Emissary” is her first novel, in which she weaves her visionary message into a page-turning fantasy adventure that speaks to the very soul of the planet!

As we were to discover, Patricia has been recognized and celebrated as a gifted shaman by indigenous spirit teachers of the Tibetan, Mayan and Peruvian traditions and has been embraced by the shamans of Palenque as one of the four spirit guardians of the sacred site...

Georgie Oldfield

In this edition of “Olivia Unzipped!”, I was talking with leading chronic pain specialist Georgie Oldfield about how the causes of chronic pain can be caused by our emotions, even though the pain can feel very “real”. The irony was that less than 24 hours before the show, I hurt my own back – and it was all I could do to sit up for the duration of the show!

Of course, this added a little “real time” spice to our conversation and as Georgie was to explain, pain isn’t punishment – it’s our body’s way of trying to get our attention. Listen in to find out how you can get Georgie's free tips booklet on getting free of pain...

Richard Knew

In this edition of “Olivia Unzipped!”, I was chatting with award winning video specialist Richard Knew about how people in business should REALLY be using this exciting medium to get their unique message across!

As well as sharing his insider ‘tricks of the trade’ – Richard also revealed how everyone in business can use video to connect both powerfully and memorably to their specific marketplace. Tune in, to find out how you can get hold of Richard’s coveted tips on getting the most out of “YouTube”!

Mark Brocklehurst

In this edition of “Olivia Unzipped!”, I was joined by the UK’s amazing Mark Brocklehurst – successful businessman, epic adventurer and amazing fund raiser! In early 2104, with three companions, Mark completed a gruelling eight week challenge - rowing across the Atlantic and successfully raising more than £200,000 for charity!

Mark admits that it was a gruelling journey – and in our conversation today, he’ll be revealing how the motto “adapt and overcome” saw the team through to success…

Aaron Gibson

In this week’s edition of “Olivia Unzipped!”, I was joined by Aaron Gibson - digital entrepreneur and creator of the fabulous new computer game called “You versus The World” – which helps parents teach life lessons to kids!

He may be only 21 years old, but Aaron is already making a massive impact on the global stage – and is being hailed a “digital prodigy” by those in the know! During our conversation, we also talked about what motivates Aaron and how he's learned that collaboration and listening to the smart people he's chosen to have around him are helping him achieve his vision...

Jo Grobbelaar

In this week’s edition of “Olivia Unzipped!”, I was joined by certified health and wellness coach, Jo Grobbelaar! With her own private practice, Jo helps entrepreneurs and business people – together with a wider public – to live a fuller, happier and more balanced life.

Fascinatingly, Jo uses a powerful blend of nutrition, modern day meditation and a “bigger picture focus” to enable her clients to create the perfect strategy to make impactful change. Discover how you can get the life, energy and vibrancy that YOU deserve...

Hems de Winter

In this week’s edition of “Olivia Unzipped!”, I was joined by Hems de Winter - chief executive of one of the most creative and longest established PR agencies in the North West of England. But we didn’t just talk about business – as Hems is one of the most spiritual and “tuned in” people in the PR industry that I've had the pleasure to meet!

So, as well as talking about the golden rules of business and how to have clients who remain loyal for years, we also chatted about the more esoteric worlds of healing, clairvoyance and “messages from beyond”...

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