"Our organisation has now invested in over two years of Olivia’s input and the results have been phenomenal. As well as a 20% growth in revenue and a 6% market share growth in a diminishing industry, we have also seen a 30% improvement in sales productivity.
  Management and staff alike have been through her programme – and have not only increased their own motivation levels but have also learned the correct behaviours and habits needed to create successful results.
  Thanks to Olivia , the future for our company is very exciting, the sales team is on fire and our competitors are in for a very difficult time!"

Steve Dunstan, General Manager,
Genus Breeding/ABS, UK.

You know, if you’re struggling in the current economy, it’s not your fault. The game has changed. But when you discover how to play by the new rules, you’ll be really excited at the many opportunities the “new economy” offers for both you and your business…

Imagine how your life would change if your business could get the kind of results that my clients have been seeing:

• Nantwich-based global animal genetics company Genus PLC used my motivational coaching system to increase turnover by 20% - in a shrinking marketplace…

• North West regional business managers working for a major high street bank took part in a pilot project with me and saw their sales results increase by a massive 330%, in just 9 months…

• Chester’s favourite Italian restaurant – Bollicini – implemented my six step PRAISE marketing system and were delighted to see bookings quadruple in just 6 months!

Combining the proven “Be Your Own Guru” motivational course with the powerful tried-and-tested PRAISE marketing system led to the recent launch of my new “Unofficial, Unorthodox, Non-Executive Director" programme - which has been created specifically for smaller business owners with a BIG, positive attitude!

And it’s already proving to be a phenomenal success, with my research partner clients happily recommending me to other business owners, colleagues and friends.

This is the ONE system that will generate both personal excellence and phenomenal business results...

While running a successful organisation is part art, part science, it makes it a lot easier for everyone if there's a system to follow.

And when you sign up for this exciting new programme, you'll be tapping into my powerful, proven bespoke system which has been developed to help forward thinking companies break free from the competition!

Part of the programme is aimed at improving an organisation's internal company culture - principally by applying the maxim that "successful companies employ successful individuals!"

Sadly, most companies focus their training budgets on skills training, but until emloyees have their own "personal reason why", there's little real engagement and no long-lasting changes are ever achieved.

Creating a decent return on investment only happens by first securing the hearts and minds of every member of staff - and then focusing on the business drivers which will make the organisation stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Once the company "soul" has been enabled to blossom - along with the individuals working within the organisation - together, we'll then switch our focus to my PRAISE business growth strategy which covers the six key areas of: Profits, Relationships, Audience, Interactivity, Sales and (customer) Experience.
Why you're guaranteed to see great results!

Running a business myself, I absolutely recognise the importance of achieving a significant return on investment. And equally importantly, we all want complete peace of mind when it comes to making important buying decisions - which is why - as with all of my products and services - I offer a full 100% no quibble, money-back guarantee!

To find out more about how I can help your organisation as an "Unofficial, Unorthodox, Non-Executive Director", call me on 0845 456 7095 or email me at and let's have a chat about your current situation, and what specific outcomes you're looking to achieve!

And if you'd like a copy of the special diagnostic toolkit I've created for small business owners, please contact my lovely PA Ceri, who'll be very happy to send you all that you need to get started! Contact her at

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